Places to stay during a vacation can be a tough decision to make, especially when the choices are multiple. While hotels offer the luxury, more often than not, it comes at the expense of a huge tug at your pocket.  For the quintessential vacationer, nothing can be more stress relieving than to find an accommodation that not only provides everything that a hotel can, but also affordable as compared with the soaring bills one has to pay at the luxury hotel counters. Bed & Breakfast, Caravan Holidays and cottages are now quite  popular as options not just for the affordability but the feel of ‘home away from home’ that it offers.

Though B&Bs are well and truly comfortable and rich with amenities, they are still not considered to be a mainstay holiday accommodation option. But again, once you know about the benefits that they come with, you would surely consider it to be a lucrative option.

Here are some of the benefits of bed and breakfast accommodations.

Super affordable

Unlike big hotel suites, B&Bs are affordable. The rooms don’t come at high prices . More often than not these are small scale businesses run by a small family.

Full of amenities

B&Bs offer a lot of amenities, probably much more than hotels. The rooms have everything that you would need during your stay. From neatly arranged beds as per your group size to attached toilets, TV and modern kitchen appliances, the experience you get is worth every penny you spend.

Feel like home

Every bed and breakfast accommodation is a home turned into a commercial accommodation. Hence, everything is just like your home. You can snuggle inside the kitchen and help yourself with some snacks and a glass of wine too.

Store-house of local knowledge

The owners of B&Bs are mostly local people who are just looking for some extra income. Hence, they can be the best guide for you during your stay and can suggest interesting places to visit, recommend popular restaurants, etc.

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